Tuesday, October 5, 2010

*Go GREEN...Buy Vintage!!*

Firstly, I have to apologize for my disappearing act... This past weekend was my school's homecoming and when I wasn't drunk and thinking I lost my keys while scouring the entire grounds of the W hotel until six in the morning (only to find them conveniently located in my purse) I was spending time with my best friend, P.I.C (partner in crime) and the other fabulous blogger of this fantastic page Tanj!!  But back to the mission at hand...

     I want to say that I am sooo happy that the world has caught on to the whole 'go green' campaign although I've been personally hip to the game since 1986 when I started reducing waste, by reusing my sister's recycled duds until I was twelve!! (and it only stopped then because I stood up to my mom and refused to let her dress me anymore)...  But seriously along with being totally cost effective, you are doing your little piece to help the environment and for those of us who hate to walk into a party wearing the same thing as some other chick ‘forget about it!’  Mixing vintage with new will always have you standing out in the crowd!
            Places you can shop:
·         Goodwill (obvious choice, and they usually have ‘newer’ clothes as opposed to vintage.)
·         Local thrift store chains (in Atlanta we have several Value Village locations and I love them all)
·         GARAGE SALES (Love, love, love them and you  can haggle!!)
·         Your friend’s closet!!!
·         Online vintage stores (I’m not going to list any because the only one you should be buying from is DAMEVINTAGE.COM COMING SOON!!!!)
·         Ebay stores

Now once you get to the store, if you’re a novice or even an expert you may find these huge stale smelling stores with miles of racks of sometimes color coordinated clothes overwhelming.  I always have a mapped out game plan that works for me and it goes as follows…
            Shoes à Handbagsà Skirtsà DRESSESàChildren’s clothesà Jewleryà Payà Exità              Alterations/Cleaners…THE END!

Let’s not only be FASHIONABLE but consciously fashionable…  We should always be cognizant of what we’re doing to our Earth.  And while I'm at it when you decide to clean out your closet if you choose not to resale donate to your local thrift store, because as the saying goes "one man's trash is another man's treasure"  :)  

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