Monday, December 20, 2010

"The Boss of Burlesque" at the Roxy!

For All My Burlesque DAMES!

Last week I had the pleasure of witnessing the Burlesque greatness that is Dita Von Teese aka "The Boss of Burlesque" live at the legendary Roxy Theatre on Sunset for her "Strip Strip Hooray" tour. As many of you may know, Dita is one of the most recognizable and acclaimed burlesque dancers/performers of our time. I missed her show in Vegas, so I was not gonna miss out on the opportunity to see her right here in LA! It was my first time seeing her in action... and I must say the entire show was great! The costumes were gorgeous, the show was theatrical, and the dance was seductive. Her show definitely incorporates the vintage appeal and style of the original burlesque dancers of the 1950s, which I could definitely appreciate - it was glamorous, flirty, and most of all sexy. I enjoyed the show so much that I attended 2 out of the 3 days the show was running in LA! Ha! She performed on stage 3 separate times: on a 'merry-go-round' horse, in a bath tub (hott!!!!!), and on a bull riding training device. She also brought along 5 special guests/burlesque performers complete with a large, curvy women by the name of "Dirty Martini", a 'little woman' with a Legalize LA theme, and a man with a amputated female mannequin leg - a very diverse and interesting bunch to say the least - LOL!  Overall a great and entertaining show! BRAVO DITA! - a certified DAME chic ;)

Check out some of the Exclusive pics and footage from the show, courtesy of DAME.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Hey DAMES!! I have some uber exciting news!!!!.... BUT i'm going to be a jerk and tell you I can't tell you, *insert birdies, and rotten tomatoes being thrown here* so for now this is all I'll give you...

It involves MOI, and this DAME worthy chica!!!!!!

*In my NBA commentator voice,* (not that I really know what an NBA commentator sounds like because I don't watch basketball, or any sport for that matter; but I'll assuem they all sound annoying the same.)


And here is the video for my alllllllllllllll time favorite song of hers "Sweet"

Enjoy, it's yummie!!! xoxo Pelar


*DAME Fashion Spread Spotlight*

"Double Vision"
Interview Magazine Dec./Jan. 2010/2011
Photographer: Solve Sundsbo
Styling: Ludvine Poiblanc
Models: Anais Mali & Melodie Monrose

Yet, another fashion spread I adore! The models are GORGE! The fashion is HAUTE! And the overall concept is super Sexy, Provocative, Chic, and Sophisticated... just like DAMES... just like me ;)
Nuf said!
Take a look...

Love these shades!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

*Bigger is Better...*

Who said you have to be a size two to be fashionable??  Although now the world is condition to believe that anyone over a size, let’s say 8 cannot possibly be fashionable lead singer of indie band Gossip proves otherwise.  While her taste may seem unconventional and inappropriate to some here we have exhibit A.  Sometimes it's not about what you wear, but how you wear it, and although some of her outfit selections may be questionable she wears them with such confidence.  She is a perfect example that DAMES come in all shapes and sizes!!!
Even more proof that she's a DAME is this quote...
“I feel sexiest in a little dress. People ask why I pull my dress up on stage – it’s because my dresses aren’t big enough.  That’s why you see my legs all the time.”
*Sighs* A woman after my own heart :)


London based designer Chau Har Le is taking the high heel game to new heights!

Her shoes are like futuristic sculptures that could be featured in Architectual Digest. They are timeless works of art on your feet! You have to see them to believe these gravity defying, psychics inspiring shoes!

"Amongst her materials she introduces an interesting combination of steel, acrylic and wood to contrast with the natural softness and elasticity of leather. Overall, Chau Har Lee's great aim is to create a tension between masculinity and femininity and as a result create an object with a concept of depth but which is, at the same time, highly desirable." -

Check 'em out!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Hello Lovelies!

This weekend was GREAT! I spent almost the entire day "vintaging" (a new word I use when I am shopping for fab vintage finds) with one of my favorite Dames in crime, Courtney Capretta  (A FASHIONISTA AND AMAZING LA DESIGNER!). We attended the "A Current affair: Holiday Eidition" - Pop-up Vintage Marketplace in downtown LA. It was amazing!!!!! I laid my eyes on so many beautiful, mint condition, designer vintage pieces from over 25 different vendors!

I saw everything from Chanel cashmere sweaters, fox fur stoles, Azzadine Alaia floor lenght knit gowns, Sonia Rykiel yellow pencil skirts - and much, much more!!! I had multiple shopgasms - more of my colorful commentary ;) - LOL! There were so many beautiful, one of kind pieces all in one place and all at my little fingertips! Before our departure I walked away with a pair of vintage Porsche Carrera Aviators with interchangeable lenses at a ridiculous price of $95 (wowzers!) and an amazing Ungaro jaket/blazer under $200! It was a great girls day out vintaging!