Sunday, October 31, 2010

*Gotta Have Them...Like Yesterday...*

Sandidge Wedge Aldo shoes $120.00

Totally far left on my style meter but I could see me wearing these with a cute mini skirt knee highs and a long Blazer!!!   xoxo Pelar

*Music to do your makeup to: Metric-Gold Guns Girls*

Every DAME has a 'pre game' ritual.  Something that she does before going out to help her get amped for the night.  Whether or not she’s with friends or getting ready alone she can always count on this little tradition to ensure a fabulous night. 

I’m pretty sure the formula is the same if not very similar.  One part music, one part drinks, one part  running around half naked trying to do your make up and give directions at the same time and VIOLA!  You’re dressed and ready to go! 

My formula is one part rock, indie rock, or dance music, a glass of Pinot Noir or Skinny Girl Margarita, and last part harassing my friend BJ via speaker phone to see if she’s ready while telling my bestie Tanj whose on the other side of the country what I’m wearing for the night!

My “M.T.D.M.T” for now is Metric.  Brief history:  It’s a Canadian indie rock/ new wave band with one girl and three guys.   They always seem to get me excited about my night to come!  Check them out!
I’m interested to know what your pregame rituals are and what music gets you inspired to have a great night?  J  Leave comments below THX  xoxo Pelar

Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Rih, Rih!" as many call her...

*DAME Fashion Spotlight*

Check out Rihanna's UK Dec. 2010 Marie Claire spread!

I am definitely feeling this softer more feminine image on Rihanna. I love the styling, the make-up and Nails ;)the fashion, the SHOES!, and the red hair... dare I say... is starting to grow on me a little. Rihanna's definitely a DAME chic and she most certainly looks the part in this spread! Gorgeous Rih Rih!

WORK! Rihanna!

"Hey there my lil Christian Louboutins, ha!"


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

*Scene on the scene: Spelhouse Tailgate*

This past weekend was Spelman and Morehouse’s Homecoming week!  And of course homecoming cannot be complete with TAILGATE!!  I’m not sure when the first tailgate started or why it began but it’s a great excuse to hang out in a parking lot and drink.  (Usually that’s called loitering and public intoxication.) 
I take out my camera ready to be bombarded with sooo many DAMES that the space on my digi cam would be overwhelmed.  Needless to say that wasn’t the case…
Admist the sea of leggings doubling as pants with a$$ cheeks and camel toes on display to shock and awe all who happened to innocently glance their way I began to have doubt. 
Was CAU (Clark Atlanta University) and Spelman losing its fashion cred?  I do however want to note that as usual the guys were dressed to impressed!! (but then again that’s to be expected when you have an all male school full of gays and metros.)
Were the days looong gone of getting dressed up to go hang out, drink keg beer from a red cup, and eat BBQ chicken from the Q’s who drenched their chicken in beer “to add flavor” when it really was probably to put you over the edge on the tipsy meter.
Did the art of dressing somehow lose its way with the younger generation?  I was pretty deflated and ready to put my camera away and just enjoy the circus when I spotted a great white light in the midst of the madness!  Then later on I saw another!  Needless to say I was underwhelmed with the fashionista turnout but those I did see definitely made my day J  Sooo overall I’d give tailgate an E for effort.  I guess I realized in that moment that everyone can’t be a DAME so whether I found one, two or none tailgate was a success!  See ya’ll next year!!!

My tailgate


View from the 4th floor of the Morehouse Parking garage…and this was only a fraction of the people who were actually there!

Hanging out with Dave of Navier Clothing… Unlike everyone else my drink of choice was La Croix!

Hanging out with my good friend Fay who came all the way from Maryland and Jean a Morehouse friend!  Pay no attention to his obnoxious tee shirt!!

My first DAME sighting!!!  These girls were absolutely fabulous!!!  And so were the guys, they do say beautiful people travel in packs!

My second DAME sighting!!!  I love how the girl on the right had on the cute little school girl dress and then you look down… COMBAT BOOTS!!! LUVS IT!!

*For some reason I cannot get the pictures to get any bigger without them being distorted but by this weekend I will definitely have close ups of the last two... Thanks in advance xoxo Pelar

Monday, October 25, 2010

Christian Dior Fall Coutoure 2009: Gone w/ the Wind meets June Cleaver

I yearn for the days when women got alllll dressed up just to take a stroll through the park.  Equipped with the little white gloves and parasols.  Then, sometimes my little fashion spark pulls me towards the days where women wore pencil skirts with little white gloves and pill box hats.  Whichever way I'm pulled though one thing remains and that is sometimes feel jipped to be born after the women’s movement where they burned bras to free themselves.’ 
I personally see nothing oppressive about dressing up.
 Dior's Fall 2009 Couture line must have been a personal invite for me to explore both specturms of my fashion desires and realize they weren't so different after all.  He remixed classic attire and made Couture look ready to wear. (at least in my eyes)
In my opinion he marries one of my favorite movies and shows Gone with the Wind  with one of my favorite shows growing up was Leave it to Beaver.  My older sister and I would watch it together and i always loved June Cleaver.  The way she was always immpeccably dressed and still managed to bake cookies for Beaver AND never yell at him when he did wacked out things.
I know it's a year later but this show inspires me to totally throw out my jeans and wear only dresses and skirts!
Now if I could just find somewhere to wear one of these beautiful gowns… to the mall perhaps??




  Fifties Fashion shoulder detail

Saturday, October 23, 2010

*Lunch DAME style*

Sometimes my friends think I’m a tad high maintience especially when it comes to me and my grand ideas for “fun things to do”
Maybe after this post I will inspire them to oblige me and some of my wackiness!
One of the things I’ve always wanted to do was get all dressed up and have a fancy picnic with my girlfriends.  We’d eat little sandwiches, fruit and have champagne all while taking in the beautiful sites at Piedmont Park and of course draw a crowd because I’m sure we’d be making a huge production of it all.
So imagine my surprise when I found this….
Farniente : Luncheon in the grass









Looks like soooo much fun!!!!  Needless to say Tanj, Beej and anyone else I've propositioned for a lunch at the park.   Next year we're doing it!!

*Dame Icon: Barbie!*

Who has a vast, endless closet that stretches for miles (besides you) and is color coded by color season and mood?  Who changes clothes for every event , even has clothes to grocery shop in and never has to wear the same thing twice?  Who’s 51 years old and still looks and dresses absolutely gorgeous?  It’s.... 

This fashion icon has captivated small girls and women for decades even inspiring some to take drastic steps to look like her.  Most of my fondest memories as a little girl were playing with my Barbie dolls.  I had every accessory, car and house that came on the television and we could never leave Kmart, Target, Venture’s, or Grandpa’s General (both throwbacks to my humble Midwestern upbringing) without a new outfit for Barbie!  You could let your imagination run wild with Barbie you could debunk the molds of society and be whatever you wanted.  I mean she could be a Princess without having to have the pesky blood or marital affiliations, a career woman with every career imaginable.  She could be eternally single, or date Ken, or marry Ken, or hey, marry “Tina”.  She can have kids or not, drive a fancy car vacation whenever she wanted just because.  
Let’s face it, most if not all of us DAME’S probably have roots of loving fashion and clothes that can be traced back to playing with this pint size fashionista.  I remember getting in trouble for cutting up my school socks to make dresses and skirts for my Barbie.  Then I confidently professed to my mom that I was going to go to school to be a famous fashion designer and then she blatantly told me she would not spend 60,000 dollars for me to play around in clothes all day… *whomp whomp* So I studied history instead…. ANYWAY, I digress.  
Barbie has and will always be the ultimate fashion icon and DAME because she is timeless, she’s beautiful, she’s controversial, and she lives her life in a way that makes us drool!  Even if she is only an 11.133 inch doll she has a profound effect on many little girls and women.  Not that I want to quote her but it's so fitting so here goes...  
“Barbie is my fashion icon. People think I'm Paris Barbie - and it's a compliment.”  Paris Hilton

The Evolution of Barbie

Barbie Gone Wrong...

Cindy Jackson: One of many ‘human Barbie’s’
poledancing mom and daughter, Sarah Burge and Poppy Burge

Sarah Burge

Day and night: Sarah Burge of UK 'human Barbie' age 50 w/ 7 year old daughter. By
night she's Madam Pink

 Dolly Parton - Backwoods Barbie

Heidi Montag Barbie
Barbie in Fashion

Vogue Italia featured a Black Barbie photo spread in their July issue





Christian Louboutin and Barbie


Barbie for ASOS

Barbie for 'Madmen'