Tuesday, October 26, 2010

*Scene on the scene: Spelhouse Tailgate*

This past weekend was Spelman and Morehouse’s Homecoming week!  And of course homecoming cannot be complete with TAILGATE!!  I’m not sure when the first tailgate started or why it began but it’s a great excuse to hang out in a parking lot and drink.  (Usually that’s called loitering and public intoxication.) 
I take out my camera ready to be bombarded with sooo many DAMES that the space on my digi cam would be overwhelmed.  Needless to say that wasn’t the case…
Admist the sea of leggings doubling as pants with a$$ cheeks and camel toes on display to shock and awe all who happened to innocently glance their way I began to have doubt. 
Was CAU (Clark Atlanta University) and Spelman losing its fashion cred?  I do however want to note that as usual the guys were dressed to impressed!! (but then again that’s to be expected when you have an all male school full of gays and metros.)
Were the days looong gone of getting dressed up to go hang out, drink keg beer from a red cup, and eat BBQ chicken from the Q’s who drenched their chicken in beer “to add flavor” when it really was probably to put you over the edge on the tipsy meter.
Did the art of dressing somehow lose its way with the younger generation?  I was pretty deflated and ready to put my camera away and just enjoy the circus when I spotted a great white light in the midst of the madness!  Then later on I saw another!  Needless to say I was underwhelmed with the fashionista turnout but those I did see definitely made my day J  Sooo overall I’d give tailgate an E for effort.  I guess I realized in that moment that everyone can’t be a DAME so whether I found one, two or none tailgate was a success!  See ya’ll next year!!!

My tailgate swag...lol


View from the 4th floor of the Morehouse Parking garage…and this was only a fraction of the people who were actually there!

Hanging out with Dave of Navier Clothing… Unlike everyone else my drink of choice was La Croix!

Hanging out with my good friend Fay who came all the way from Maryland and Jean a Morehouse friend!  Pay no attention to his obnoxious tee shirt!!

My first DAME sighting!!!  These girls were absolutely fabulous!!!  And so were the guys, they do say beautiful people travel in packs!

My second DAME sighting!!!  I love how the girl on the right had on the cute little school girl dress and then you look down… COMBAT BOOTS!!! LUVS IT!!

*For some reason I cannot get the pictures to get any bigger without them being distorted but by this weekend I will definitely have close ups of the last two... Thanks in advance xoxo Pelar

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