Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good Morning my Lovely DAMES (if you'r on Pacific Time)... Good Afternoon if you're on Eastern Standard Time ;)

*DAME Spread Spotlight*

Although I live in Los Angeles, and my business partner/best friend lives in Altanta... I often times miss and yearn for the East Coast - New York City to be specific! I love the constant energy and movement of this city. I also enjoy the food, the culture, and most of all the SHOPPING! So, when I saw this spread I immediately wanted to jump on a plane to NYC and go vintage shopping! I looove the vintage inspired fashion, the retro hair and make-up on the model, as well as the retro appeal in the lighting the locals used for this shoot. Much love to my NYC DAMES!

Elle's Sept. 2010 "New York State of Mind"
photographed by: Laurie Bartley
styled by: Samira Nasr

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is it fall yet...

It's hard for me to say good-bye to my bikini's and flip flops and usher in this new fall season especially since I feel likeI didn't get to clock in nearly as many hours as I wanted to by the pool and on the beach but as of the 22nd of September it's offically FALL.  Every season when I go to 'turn over' my closet I always get nervous for fall because I HATE cold weather.  As I sort through mounds of sweaters, jackets, and coats I always think “what the hell did I wear last year?!  Especially since mother nature always seems to have a way of sticking
It to us worse than the year before when it comes to the new season; whether its unbearable pollen in the spring, sweltering temps in the summer, wind chapped fall, and hypothermic winters we must be prepared…and cute; so here’s my list of must haves for the fall/winter 2010… Stay warm!!!  Xoxo Pelar J

·         Opaque tights in bright bold colors and patterns: not only will they keep your legs warm but they also bring a punch of color to the monochromes of fall and winter. Tiger stripe tight $14.00 Gradient Fashion Tights $6.80

·         Turtle necks: allows for one less piece of layering and when paired with tights a turtle neck diversifies your closet, allowing for  spring and summer dresses to translate over into fall and winter pieces.

·         Comfortable (and cute) skid proof flat boots in the basic colors. 

Seychelles 'True Story' Over the Knee Boots $229.955

·         At least one dressy coat (preferably wool and long) and one casual everyday coat( preferably wool and short or mid-length)


Blizzard Kisses Coat $190.00

Blase Wool Frill Coat $160.00

And of course all the bells and whistles of layering which includes hats, gloves, and scarves!  HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

*We Fall Down... But We Get Up*

I'm only posting this because I've fallen PLENTY of times and I always lament about it being the most embarrassing moment of my life...(that and because it's funny...) Luckily for me I've always looked cute, been too drunk to remember (which isn't really a luckily), or been around people I knew I'd never see again... With that being said I give you a compliation of bad b*tches... Dames who've fallen in combat and still get up and keep struttin'! Loves it!!


*Fashion Spread Spotlight*

Sometimes I truly believe I was suppose to be born in a different time... Or maybe I lived a parallel life or was reincarnated in an earlier era in history... That would explain my love... oh no... wait... my fixation on or some my say obsession with the oh so glamorous 1920s. This spread completely speaks to my soul... As I flipped through it's entiretly I began daydreaming... And in that daydream I dawned a long, off white, silk gown, my hair in long finger waves, long elbow length gloves, a diamond cuff, and a white fur stole thrown over my shoulder. The sophistication of this spread is in every little detail in everyone of these photographs. This is truly a DAME fashion spread, to the core. Enjoy my loving DAMES! Let your mind wonder and even daydream as you view Vogue Germany's 2009 spread - "Indochine" - shot by photographer: Alexi Lubomirski

Vintage Style... DAMES throughout History...

Josephine Baker
Provocative, alluring, fearless, a trailblazer... Josephine Baker was all these and MORE! She is definitely a Style Icon and a DAME chic! Her look was sexy, glamorous, and riche. We love that she was daring, uninhibited, and of course beautiful! Her work is recognized around the world and her success as a performer is to be admired and desired. Most people know her for her revealing banana skirt costume... Which we love as well... But we also love her short, slicked back hairdo... the layers of pearls she often wore around her neck... the large, diamond chandalier earrings... the silk, the lace, the fur, the sequins! We love it all! And most of all we love and admire you Josephine Baker!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Some Extra-ordinary jewelry/accessories...

Accessories are an important part of any and every outfit. They can transform a boring outfit into a sophisticated ensemble! So, don't underestimate the power of a chunky necklace or an amazing pair of earrings. If you don't think of yourself as an accessory girl, I challenge you to step outside of the box and go shopping for just a few key accessories and see how they can diversify and elevate your wardrobe. You don't have to spend a lot either. J.Crew and Banana Republic have a great assortment of costume jewelry - some edgy and flashy pieces as well as some more demure pieces. And Forever 21 has a plethera of amazing jewelry, scarfs, gloves, hair bows, and cocktail rings to glam up any outfit! Also check out your neighborhood boutiques - they are always sure to have something unique and beautiful to round out your collection. A few key accessories: chunky necklace or bib necklace, a great cocktail ring - the bigger and shinier the better (ha!), and a pair of diamond studs. Start here and continue to let your jewelry grow and everntually overflow... Trust me... you'll thank me late ;) Remember accessorising your outfit is also about balance and tone... so don't overdo the jewelry and/or accessories ladies. For example, if you wear large earrings, forgo the chunky necklace. If you opt for a large bib necklace with all the extra trims pair it with a simple pair of gold or diamond studs or even no earrrings at all. You get my drift. Be daring, be bold, but most of all be a DAME...

Check out some eccentric pieces for the girl who already has everything... Pump up the volume with these accessories!


Bijules, curved ring $235
Bijules, bar ring $218
Diamond nail ring $8,000

*OPI Nail polish...enough said*

Anyone who knows me knows I'm addicted to nail polish!!  I'm like a crack whore for it! I'm honestly thinking about getting some stock in OPI because I give those people wayyy to much of my money to not be benefiting from it, like literally my medicine cabinet is like an Asian nailery.  Point being… Nails are a VERY important part of your whole ensemble and with Halloween being right around the corner (that’s right get your lingerie, oops I mean costumes ready) OPI is releasing a new special edition line called “Go Goth”!  There are four in the pack and the names (which is one of the main reasons i'm so obsessed with owning OPI) are:

So, I’m not much of a ‘Goth girl’ but what I did fall in love with is the OPI Swiss line! *insert happy feet here* (yes I do a happy dance for nailpolish).  The line comes with 12 beautiful colors and I already own one which is Ski Teal We Drop (btw it’s amazing!)

but out of the twelve I want like... all of them… Don’t worry if you don’t go out and get them you can always stop by my medicine cabinet and borrow mine! J


I LOOOOOOOOOOVE this Louis Vuitton's Fall 2010 "It Bags" Campaign! It is GORG (aka. gorgeous) and simply perfect from beginning to end... The retro/vintage look, the clothing, the hair, the make-up, the handbags... it all screams "DAME!" I know all my fellow DAMES will agree. The pictures say it all... need I say more... Let your eyes feast on the beauty that is Louis Vuitton...



When it comes to comfort and style... Nobody does it better than Yves Saint Laurent's Tribute pumps, sandals, and boots. I know you all are familiar with the Tribute sandal and pump that YSL does every year, and several other popular styles...

Tribute Pump - $795

Tribute Sandal - $760
Tribute Mary Jane - $660
Tribute Sling Back - $795

Tribute Bootie - $1090

The trend right now (which we DAMES love!) that doesn't seem to be going anywhere are the 5 to 6 inch high heels (also know as the "stripper heel" design). YSL does it the best because they have managed to create a look that incorporates this high heel design without looking trashy or cheap but rather sexy and chic. Not only are the heels sky high, but they are so comfortable you could literally jog around your block in them - ha! So, set your sights on the new Tribute pump design - it's versatile, classic, sexy, and comfortable.... a must have for all of our lovely DAME ladies ;)

2010 Tribute Pump - $760

(All the styles featured in this post are available at large retail department stores - ie. Neiman Marcus, Barney's, SAKS, Nordstroms, etc. - and most high end boutiques.)
We DAME chics love a sexy shoe that we can dance and party in all night!