Thursday, March 10, 2011

*So you can say 'I knew her when...'*

My BEAUTIFUL and TALENTED friend Thida Penn, who also happens to be one fo the models in our DAME campaign played the lead in a provocative, inspiring and shocking short film. The film entitled "Recovery" is about:

A lesbian couple dealing with the pit falls of trying to adopt a baby and trying to overcome tragic eents and still keep the love that they have for each other.

The film debuted at the Art Institute of Atlanta's 2011 Campus Film Festival and won two major awards. Top honors of BEST PICTURE and Ms. Penn won the title of BEST LEAD ACTRES!! She is an amazing actress and don't forget you saw her here first! When you seen her on the silver screen remember you can say you knew her when...

She's a DAME doing BIG things! Check her out below in "Recovery"

(Not explicit, but not exactly SFW)
Enjoy!! xoxo Pelar

*Get 'Inked' up!*

In celebration of my bestie Tanj getting her FIRST tattoo, (I know late bloomer) I’ve decided to dedicate an entire post to HOTT chicks with tats!!  I personally do not have any and don’t plan to get any in the near OR late future BUT to each its own!  Any who here’s my homage to DAMES with tats!! Xoxo Pelar

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Katie Eary for Lonsdale - YUM!

DAMES are not only girly girl fashionistas but athletic adventurous billy bad ass chics!

Katie Eary was able to merge fashion and glam with the sweaty, intense, and extremely physical sport of boxing! LOVES IT! I love fashion (Duh!) and I looove sports, especially basketball and boxing, therefore I saw these and was lovestruck - hahaha! Check 'em out for yourself....

LOOOOOOOOOVE THESE Gloves! I'm going to cop these for myself for sure!

Sick ASS Boxing shoes too!!!? *Drooling*

BIG HAIR! My personal favorite fashion accessory.

Anybody who knows me, knows I loooove Big Hair! It's fun, free, and sexy. I especially love big natural hair - short or long. So whether you were born with a head full of luscious thick hair or you wanna try out a new look with the help of extensions or a wig... Try out some Big Hair styles/looks! You are sure to turn heads and melt hearts ;)