Sunday, October 31, 2010

*Music to do your makeup to: Metric-Gold Guns Girls*

Every DAME has a 'pre game' ritual.  Something that she does before going out to help her get amped for the night.  Whether or not she’s with friends or getting ready alone she can always count on this little tradition to ensure a fabulous night. 

I’m pretty sure the formula is the same if not very similar.  One part music, one part drinks, one part  running around half naked trying to do your make up and give directions at the same time and VIOLA!  You’re dressed and ready to go! 

My formula is one part rock, indie rock, or dance music, a glass of Pinot Noir or Skinny Girl Margarita, and last part harassing my friend BJ via speaker phone to see if she’s ready while telling my bestie Tanj whose on the other side of the country what I’m wearing for the night!

My “M.T.D.M.T” for now is Metric.  Brief history:  It’s a Canadian indie rock/ new wave band with one girl and three guys.   They always seem to get me excited about my night to come!  Check them out!
I’m interested to know what your pregame rituals are and what music gets you inspired to have a great night?  J  Leave comments below THX  xoxo Pelar

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