Monday, January 24, 2011


Get yo hat game UP!
Check out these AMAZING head pieces! Let it inspire you today to add a new accessory (hat, headband, hair bow, scarf, etc.) to your wardrobe. DAMES know how to accessorize any garment and understand that accessories can add that extra "umph!" needed to complete any great outfit.
It's the Cherry on Top! ;)

Friday, January 21, 2011

*Rule no 6: How to be a DAME: ALWAYS play in your makeup!*

A given!! Whether its playing dress up in your closet or playing dress up in your bathroom make up innovation is key to being a DAME,so if you can’t drive outside your lane GET TO MOVIN!!! J  On that note here are some HAWT photos to inspire you to play in your makeup, JIC (just in case) you’re not a girl to drive in other peoples lanes!

*Dr. Marten must have had some UGLY feet!!!!*

Anyone who knows me knows that I loathe Dr. Martens….  They’re on par with crocs, uggs, “Melissa’s” and any other FUGLY shoe that some fashion un-inclined person has made.  I suppose they are useful in some aspects, ummm lets see they’re ugly so u wouldn’t mind getting them dirty, I can’t say that they’re comfortable because I’ve never worn a pair but one could ASSUME they would be, they’d come in handy if you ever needed to kick the shit outta someone BUT DAMES don’t fight so ixney that one.  But I suppose the best aspect of them is that my BFF can wear them with a perfectly precious baby doll dress and make them look like they are Jimmy Choo’s!!! Anyway feast your eyes on the UGLY PRETTY known as Dr. Marten… who knew they came with so many options…

Don’t ask me where you can get these because a)I don’t know and b) I’ll tase you with a Taser gun!! Lol jkjk  BUT.... seriously no inquires on where to find these things!!

*I Enjoy Being A Girl...DUH *

DAME anthem!!!  One of my most FAVORISTEST parts in one of my most FAVORISTEST movies "Flower Drum" it's a classic MUST SEE!! I simply couldn't have said it any better than she does...

Monday, January 17, 2011


*DAME Fashion Spread Spotlight*

As a continuation of my last post and keeping in the theme of enjoying life and viewing it as one big PAR-TAAY... Check out this AMAZING Spread I stumbled upon! This spread is sooooo DAME! Have a gander below...

Title: “Lof der Zotheid”, or in English “The Praise of Folly” after the most well-known work by Dutch author Erasmus.
Theme: An extravagant party with glamorous people in just-as-glamorous costumes.
PhotographerErwin Olaf
For: ELLE Magazine Dec. 2008
*shot at the luxurious Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam.

Flawless, Gorgeous spread... one of my favs to date ;)

*Rule #4 of How to be a DAME*

Have a Great Time... No Matter What!!!!

Life's too short to become consumed by the negative...

Things may not always turn out the way you would like them to... but try not to focus on the things that didn't happen or what went wrong. Rather readjust your view to the endless possibilites of any situation! There's more than one way to skin a cat and when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Ok... enough with the corny life sayings and analogies right! -Hahaha! But as corny as they are, the messages behind these awful phrases still reign true and when applied are powerful!

It's never too late to make the best of any situation, small or big. Whenever I am starting to have a bad day (or night) and negative thoughts are start to cloud my judgement and change my attitude, I try to:
First - recognize the problem "Ok, this day/night is not going well because... (could be anything or nothing but acknowledgement is the first step)"
Second - decide how I want my day to turn out... "I'm gonna enjoy the rest of my day regardless of how it's started out" (Yes! You can decide from this point going forward how you want the rest of the day to go! It's that simple)
Third - put it to action! Tell a joke. Say a silent prayer. Call a friend. Do something to make yourself SMILE! You'd be suprised how something so small... but at exactly the right time can completely alter your outlook and change your emotions from stressed or upset to happy and excited for the rest of the day.

Dont let life's small mishaps cause you to forget the bigger picture... ENJOY LIFE because you only have one ;)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

*Rule #3 of How to be a DAME*

Rule number 3 of "How to be a Dame."   NO SPITTING!!! (take it how you will...)  xoxo Pelar

*Global Dames: Scene Kid edition*

“Scene kid”-(n) a subculture of the already popularly known subculture of “emo.”  While they are often associated and seen as being the same emo kids they are not.  Unlike emo kids scene kids are generally more happy and wear brighter accessories with canvas of black.  They may dress similar but scene kids tend to wear more neon and bright colors to accent their black outfits.  The music that scene kids like can range anywhere from Lady Gaga to Blink 182, and of course the MOST important accessory of a scene kid is the HAIR….. stay tuned for an amazing tutorial on that. 
I used to (waaaaayyyyyyy back when) be a little bit of a club kid when I lived in Florida.  I loved rave music (not so much now, it makes me feel like my brain is frying now), dance music (still love it), club/house/dubstep  (absolutely still love it!) and I remember how my friends and I would dress up in our super wide leg jeans (JNCOS) and have a million colorful jelly bands and ring pops and glitter…. UGH I was a mess! SMH! But it was all about self-expression and having fun.  As in fashion something is always a recycled version of other thing from times passed and when I see these kids I see similar things that we used to do.  Scene Kids are DAMES (the guys too) because they are individuals, and however they may look to others they carry their trend with confidence and pride!

Oh, and don’t fret, remember black girls can be anything they want to be, INCLUDING scene and emo!!!! (click the link below to check out some gorgeous girls!)