Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good Morning my Lovely DAMES (if you'r on Pacific Time)... Good Afternoon if you're on Eastern Standard Time ;)

*DAME Spread Spotlight*

Although I live in Los Angeles, and my business partner/best friend lives in Altanta... I often times miss and yearn for the East Coast - New York City to be specific! I love the constant energy and movement of this city. I also enjoy the food, the culture, and most of all the SHOPPING! So, when I saw this spread I immediately wanted to jump on a plane to NYC and go vintage shopping! I looove the vintage inspired fashion, the retro hair and make-up on the model, as well as the retro appeal in the lighting the locals used for this shoot. Much love to my NYC DAMES!

Elle's Sept. 2010 "New York State of Mind"
photographed by: Laurie Bartley
styled by: Samira Nasr

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