Monday, September 27, 2010

*Movies we LOVE*: Marie Antoinette

HAPPY MONDAY!! (I know it doesn't sound as good as happy Friday, but for sanity sake let's pretend.) Yesterday it was a very rainy and miserable day in Atlanta so I took that as a sign that I should stay in and watch I did. I popped in one of my all time favorite movies Marie Antoinette, directed by Sophia Coppola (of the Virgin Suicides, also another great movie). Anywho... let's forget that the movie is loosely (and I use that term graciously) based on the actual facts of the queen who was wearing haute couture before it was haute couture and had weaves that could compete with the hair show weaves of today it is simply and decadently an eye candy movie. Bright colors, beautiful clothes (I mean I would've loved to dress up like that EVERDAY!), sweet treats, wild parties with endless champagne I would have given my own head to be in that 'in' crowd. (Which was probably the membership fee anyway seeing as though Marie Antoinette and all her beloved girlfriend's fell victim to the guillotine during the French Revolution :( ) So yea…back to the point… which is… Great movie! It reminds me of the fun my girlfriend’s and I have when we go out I’m sure all you Dame’s will agree… and hopefully this scene from the movie will help you get through all the monotony of your day! xoxo Pelar

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