Tuesday, September 28, 2010


*Fashion Spread Spotlight*

Sometimes I truly believe I was suppose to be born in a different time... Or maybe I lived a parallel life or was reincarnated in an earlier era in history... That would explain my love... oh no... wait... my fixation on or some my say obsession with the oh so glamorous 1920s. This spread completely speaks to my soul... As I flipped through it's entiretly I began daydreaming... And in that daydream I dawned a long, off white, silk gown, my hair in long finger waves, long elbow length gloves, a diamond cuff, and a white fur stole thrown over my shoulder. The sophistication of this spread is in every little detail in everyone of these photographs. This is truly a DAME fashion spread, to the core. Enjoy my loving DAMES! Let your mind wonder and even daydream as you view Vogue Germany's 2009 spread - "Indochine" - shot by photographer: Alexi Lubomirski

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