Friday, September 24, 2010

DAME - For the Patent Leather Lover in YOU ;)

"Gabrielle" Metal heeled pump - $135
"Greta" Square toe Mary Janes - $125

Looky what we have here... I love heels, I love patent leather, and I love Mary Janes like the next DAME girl... so why not have it all! I'm imagining both pairs of shoes with a full skirt vintage dress or a fitted high-waist skirt (50s style). I love the sexy nature of the red pumps w/ the extra edgy detail in the metal heel and the child-like but classic nature of the black mary janes! Both are to die for and great additions to any DAME girl's shoe collection! The added bonus is that they are totally affordable! You can find both of these puppies at one of my favorite website - Check it out!

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