Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vintage Style... DAMES throughout History...

Josephine Baker
Provocative, alluring, fearless, a trailblazer... Josephine Baker was all these and MORE! She is definitely a Style Icon and a DAME chic! Her look was sexy, glamorous, and riche. We love that she was daring, uninhibited, and of course beautiful! Her work is recognized around the world and her success as a performer is to be admired and desired. Most people know her for her revealing banana skirt costume... Which we love as well... But we also love her short, slicked back hairdo... the layers of pearls she often wore around her neck... the large, diamond chandalier earrings... the silk, the lace, the fur, the sequins! We love it all! And most of all we love and admire you Josephine Baker!

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