Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Trend Alert! Sandals with socks! Fab or Drab? You be the Judge...

I've always been a fan of this trend. When I was in college I used to pair my favorite kelly green suede bejeweled Marc Jacobs sandals with a pair of dark purple opague tights! The combination sounds a little cooky but it was such a hit when worn with a dress or even jeans!

Nathalie Rykiel of Sonia Rykiel explains the key to pulling off the look. “Socks are not the sexiest thing on earth. But it is a question of attitude– the way she moves, sits, what else she wears,”

I couldn't agree with you more Nathalie! The key to pulling off any new trend or starting a trend of your own is CONFIDENCE! Don't second guess yourself... Be daring... Be bold... Wear clothing you feel special in and others will follow! It's the DAME way! ;)

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