Tuesday, November 2, 2010

*Dames loves Gays: Halloween edition*

So, I never dress up for Halloween but, I was moved by the spirit… no, not the holy one to do so this year.  We’ll call it the boredom spirit.  Anywho, my partner in crime Beej and I hit our favorite bar for cheap drinks, hot guys, good music and tons of flattery… BLAKES!!  The costumes were crazy!  In hindsight I should have taken more pictures but that’s something I’m learning to do, live in the moment while capturing it… 
My first thought was what could I wear without having to buy anything.  I scanned my closet threw a few things together and VIOLA!  I was transformed in less than thirty from Pelar to LOLITA!! 
Here’s my Halloween in ATL… DAME style… Enjoy, we sure did!

Stopped for drinks before @ my fav bar.

Let the PARTYING begin!!!

Lolita and “Alexis” from Dynasty lol

Loves it!

Oh wait, she turned into a “Single Lady”

Minors drinking beer…WTF!!

Shots anyone?  Yes please!

Our Sponsor for the night…and every Blakes night

And a kiss to end a fabulous night!!

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