Monday, November 22, 2010

*Sloppy Second Fashion Shows...*

OMG!!!!  *Hides face*  I AM ashamed of how neglectful I have been of my baby!  If I were a mother I would be locked up somewhere for it!  It’s been a crazy few weeks and I am constantly battling how one lives and enjoys life while also blogging about it…
About two weekends ago I was privileged enough to attend the first annual “Stay Fresh” Fashion show presented by Honey Hustle Entertainment and all the cool kids of Peters street!  The atmosphere was great it was held in a huge warehouse/loft space.  Definitely underground coolness!!

I did snap some pics of DAME worthy chicas including Kat “VaughC” CEO of Honey Hustle and the production Manager Lashori.  The event was sponsored by JAGER, so you already know how I was feeling on to the next one……

Lashori (left) Kat VaughC (right)
LOVE the sequins and the trashy pantyho's combo!

A pair of Dames!!

Another pair of Dames... I think there's a trend, Dames usually come in pairs? hmmm

My fav new fall trend brought to me by I'll be rocking socks and knee highs all fall/winter!

this is where things get a little hazy, you know after all the JAGERbombs…
This half is just to show you how GDTA…. (Great Dames Think Alike).  My PIC (partner n crime) met  me at “Sloppy Seconds” an underground party thrown every second Saturday at MGQ!  This party satisfies my urge for DANCE MUSIC, cheap Beer (PBR’s), and themed parties!!!
She showed up in a black and white striped shirt, a perfect pair to my black and white stripped dress and ONE of the featured DJ’s Tamara sky also had on a striped shirt as well that she rocked with a trucker cap  leaned to the side!  (She’s pictured because I love seeing girls HANDLE “boy”jobs and look good while doing it).  She was hands down the BEST DJ of the night and when we have our launch party we are flying her in for sure!!!  Anywho it was a perfect way to end a great night!!

DJ TamaraSky...oh,lol it says it on the computer...

loves it!!
A hot sweaty goner!  But the one thing I can always say is this is the ONLY club party I will always and consistently leave hot and sweaty at because I dance my ASS off!!! I <3 S.S!!!

I took some pictures of the murals on the walls that night.  (Every show they change them).  These were pretty cool!

Local ATL designers did there thing!  I was truly in awe of how innovative and drop dead gorgeous the clothes were!!  Just goes to show that all the hot clothes aren’t in the stores yet!  I will definitely have the names and pics of the designers as soon as I get them from Kat!

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