Wednesday, November 24, 2010

*Girls who like girls...DJ edition*

I’d like to start by staying NO HOMO!  Although the title does open itself up to that.  It’s the writer in me and I haven’t used a double entendre in a while so now the nerd in me can rest! 
But seriously I am in serious like with my new found DAME DJ Tamara Sky!!!  If you recall I first heard her a couple weeks ago at the Sloppy Seconds party in Atlanta.  She was my favorite DJ of the night and I got a chance to talk to her briefly and she was realllllly sweet! 
I later googled her and found out that she WASN’T Asian, which was a total shocker to me!!  She’s actually Puerto Rican! 
Anyway she’s not your typical DJ in her words via her twitter she’s a:
 “Vampire robot dominazi with amazing ninja powers who is also a zombie with a flesh eating sex demon alter ego.”  Can we say mouth full?! 
But to add to that impressive and extensive resume she can also add cover girl to Playboy Mexico, US playboy centerfold, Miss Puerto Rico Bikini.
But humbly she will be the first to tell anyone:   “I don’t want to be Playboy playmate Tamara Sky,” she said with a smile. ”I'm just DJ Tamara Sky who happened to do Playboy.”
Currently her newest mix “Pussy Violence II” and “Jet Lag” are on HEAVY rotation in my house and they should be in yours J

 DJ Tamara Sky gladly inducted into the DAME family!!

Download and listen to mix here:

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  1. she's da bomb!! most hot female DJ i ever seen.. =)