Thursday, January 13, 2011

*Music to Boy/Boi shop too!*

Happy Thursday DAMES!!! I'm not sure what day this is on my "snocation" but I've enjoyed every minute of it!!! I made the executive decision today to move "command central" ie: my office/bed/dinnertable/everything down the street to OUTWRITE bookstore and cafe a few blocks down the icy road. Out write is a B/L/Bi/TG bookstore located on the very gay 10th street in ATL... I love coming here although I must admit I normally don't get that much work done because I'm too busy people watching....Today I'm watching boys who are pretending to be working and reading look for potential hookup's!! HILARIOUS... I mean really sir you can't read if every two seconds your face peers up from the book to stare at the gentleman who isn't paying you any attention at the table next to you. Anyway with all that going on it reminded m of an oldie but goodie that I just redownloaded on itunes.
Hope you enjoy!!! xoxo Pelar

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