Friday, January 21, 2011

*Dr. Marten must have had some UGLY feet!!!!*

Anyone who knows me knows that I loathe Dr. Martens….  They’re on par with crocs, uggs, “Melissa’s” and any other FUGLY shoe that some fashion un-inclined person has made.  I suppose they are useful in some aspects, ummm lets see they’re ugly so u wouldn’t mind getting them dirty, I can’t say that they’re comfortable because I’ve never worn a pair but one could ASSUME they would be, they’d come in handy if you ever needed to kick the shit outta someone BUT DAMES don’t fight so ixney that one.  But I suppose the best aspect of them is that my BFF can wear them with a perfectly precious baby doll dress and make them look like they are Jimmy Choo’s!!! Anyway feast your eyes on the UGLY PRETTY known as Dr. Marten… who knew they came with so many options…

Don’t ask me where you can get these because a)I don’t know and b) I’ll tase you with a Taser gun!! Lol jkjk  BUT.... seriously no inquires on where to find these things!!

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