Saturday, January 15, 2011

*Global Dames: Scene Kid edition*

“Scene kid”-(n) a subculture of the already popularly known subculture of “emo.”  While they are often associated and seen as being the same emo kids they are not.  Unlike emo kids scene kids are generally more happy and wear brighter accessories with canvas of black.  They may dress similar but scene kids tend to wear more neon and bright colors to accent their black outfits.  The music that scene kids like can range anywhere from Lady Gaga to Blink 182, and of course the MOST important accessory of a scene kid is the HAIR….. stay tuned for an amazing tutorial on that. 
I used to (waaaaayyyyyyy back when) be a little bit of a club kid when I lived in Florida.  I loved rave music (not so much now, it makes me feel like my brain is frying now), dance music (still love it), club/house/dubstep  (absolutely still love it!) and I remember how my friends and I would dress up in our super wide leg jeans (JNCOS) and have a million colorful jelly bands and ring pops and glitter…. UGH I was a mess! SMH! But it was all about self-expression and having fun.  As in fashion something is always a recycled version of other thing from times passed and when I see these kids I see similar things that we used to do.  Scene Kids are DAMES (the guys too) because they are individuals, and however they may look to others they carry their trend with confidence and pride!

Oh, and don’t fret, remember black girls can be anything they want to be, INCLUDING scene and emo!!!! (click the link below to check out some gorgeous girls!)

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