Wednesday, January 12, 2011

*The Last Frontier: Colored Eyebrows!*

Hello DAMES and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  There's so much to look forward to when a new year arrives and this one is no different so firstly I'd like to say make sure you make this year YOUR BEST YEAR, and if you can't don't worry there's always next year!!!

Anyway I came across the Balenciago Fall 2010 show and I was blown away with the....EYEBROWS!!!  A close second was the fashion but as I scrolled through the pictures I kept thinking WOW how cool colored eyebrows!!!  Mine are close to being nonexsistent BUT I would love to try this look out for a special occasion....

And ofcourse probably looooooooooooooooooooong before it hit the runways people were wearing this trend on the street, while 'researching' I discovered TONS of pictures of "Scene kids" rocking this cool trend...What's a scene kid??  Well you'll just have to stay tuned that'll be my next "Global DAMES" post :)

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