Monday, December 20, 2010

"The Boss of Burlesque" at the Roxy!

For All My Burlesque DAMES!

Last week I had the pleasure of witnessing the Burlesque greatness that is Dita Von Teese aka "The Boss of Burlesque" live at the legendary Roxy Theatre on Sunset for her "Strip Strip Hooray" tour. As many of you may know, Dita is one of the most recognizable and acclaimed burlesque dancers/performers of our time. I missed her show in Vegas, so I was not gonna miss out on the opportunity to see her right here in LA! It was my first time seeing her in action... and I must say the entire show was great! The costumes were gorgeous, the show was theatrical, and the dance was seductive. Her show definitely incorporates the vintage appeal and style of the original burlesque dancers of the 1950s, which I could definitely appreciate - it was glamorous, flirty, and most of all sexy. I enjoyed the show so much that I attended 2 out of the 3 days the show was running in LA! Ha! She performed on stage 3 separate times: on a 'merry-go-round' horse, in a bath tub (hott!!!!!), and on a bull riding training device. She also brought along 5 special guests/burlesque performers complete with a large, curvy women by the name of "Dirty Martini", a 'little woman' with a Legalize LA theme, and a man with a amputated female mannequin leg - a very diverse and interesting bunch to say the least - LOL!  Overall a great and entertaining show! BRAVO DITA! - a certified DAME chic ;)

Check out some of the Exclusive pics and footage from the show, courtesy of DAME.

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